Hardware Security

Someday I will have something intelligent to say about hardware security. Hopefully, someday soon.

Digital System Design and Digital Logic

This three-part series of videos helped me better understand Boolean algebra and Don't Care Conditions:

Karnaugh Maps Part 1

Logic Functions

"Larger logic problems require a systematic approach for solution. Modern integrated circuit chips - for example CPU chips for personal computers - can use millions of logic devices. The sheer magnitude of these designs is a clear sign that a formal approach to the design is needed."

Cybersecurity Topics
The policies of governments, standards bodies, industry organizations and even large companies have an impact on the cybersecurity landscape. The intention of policy and law is to prevent or remediate criminality, abuse and even espionage.
The news produced by and for the cybersecurity community is markedly different than the news that is produced for general public consumption. Many cybersecurity have an engineering or computer science background, and as such, there is an appreciably lower tolerance for bias, spin, and fake news. Still, take anything you read online with a grain of salt, and keep reading, because we are unlikely to ever hear the final word, on anything of interest.
"...Software is malleable and easily changed. This quality is advantageous to core functionality, but is harmful to security as well as performance...' "Last minute changes to design -- and future improvements -- are easily accommodated. But this malleability creates a broader surface for attack."
Someday I will have something intelligent to say about hardware security. Hopefully, someday soon.
Cryptography is the art of making an intentional message unreadable to anyone who does not know/have the key. The art of cryptography is informed by mathematics and computer science. Cryptography is an all or nothing game: once your cipher is broken, all your efforts are lost. But until then, you are undefeatable.
So much to learn, so little time. Of course, cybersecurity is an interdisciplinary filed, and a subfield, of several other important fields of knowledge. Namely: information theory, computer science, and mathematics. There are of course other important areas, but I think for right now my interest lies mainly in these three areas, and these are the sorts of notes I would like to keep here.